▶ The Academy's Approach

Intensive Training for the Professional Actor

The ability to sustain truthful behavior in imaginary circumstances is the very heart and soul of Academy study.

In New York and California, the Academy offers two years of conservatory training with performance opportunities, a third year of advanced performance training (Academy Company), bachelor's degree options, and summer programs.

As a profession, acting provides the possibility of great fun and fulfillment as well as the likelihood of considerable frustration and struggle. Success in acting requires, among other things, a level of perseverance similar to that of any extremely challenging goal. The Academy's primary purpose is to serve those who want to spend their lives as actors. While some students may ultimately choose other paths in their lives, all students are expected to make a commitment to professional excellence and discipline while at the school.

Intensive training at a drama school of the sort offered at the Academy involves a student's whole being, and the time spent at our acting schools in New York and in Los Angeles is, inevitably, an important period of intellectual and physical development as well as imagination and risk taking.

For the serious, motivated student who is ready to make a commitment to acting—and to concentrated professional training—the Academy offers much more than a long history of success. It offers a well balanced and carefully structured curriculum, a qualified and caring faculty, and the rare chance to follow in the footsteps of its illustrious alumni and pursue a life's dream.

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