▶ Third Year: The Academy Company

Post-Degree Certificate Program for Academy Company New York & Los Angeles

The Academy Company offers graduates of the two-year Professional Training Program a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the industry and experience a third year at the Academy. A full season of theatrical productions is presented in theatres to which agents, casting directors, and other members of the profession who hire and represent actors are invited to attend. A special industry Showcase closes the season.

While admission to the Academy Company is by invitation only, all students may apply and audition at the end of the successful completion of their Second Year, prior to graduation. Selection is made on the basis of individual potential and the overall concept of a balanced acting company. The emphasis of the program is the practical development of the actor through study, rehearsal and performance.

Plays selected range in styles from classic to contemporary to avant garde. In casting, the goal is to use students in roles that are feasible for them as showcasing vehicles and to provide enough range and other forms of challenge to ensure the opportunity for further growth and development. In addition to rehearsal and performance, a variety of advanced training and special opportunities are offered, which may include:
  • Advanced workshops in acting, speech and movement, as well as training in Audition Monologues, Camera Technique and Alexander Technique.
  • Individual Career Counseling to advise company members on all matters related to career management.
  • Seminars with working professionals such as talent agents (legitimate, film and commercial), managers and regional theatre/independent film directors.

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