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Dynamic New Joint Degree Program with St. John's University

Working as a team, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (The Academy) and St. John's University have created a one-of-a-kind program for talented students with a passion for the dramatic arts who may also wish to expand their knowledge, skills and career opportunities in new paths. The program offers varied courses through a dynamic new degree—a B.S. in Dramatic Arts, Film and Television.

Students in the program will have the best of both worlds: The Academy's intensive conservatory training in acting and extensive training in directing, writing and producing for film and television at St. John's. The curriculum is both broad and practical, and provides students with the discipline and skills to pursue many professions, such as filmmakers, screenwriters and television producers.

Students will expand on their creative and critical thinking abilities through composition, philosophy and literature courses from a global prospective. Graduates of the program will bring depth and innovation to any area in which they work.

The program conforms to the admission policies of The Academy and St. John's. Students will be required to audition to meet The Academy standards, and they must be invited to continue into the second year at The Academy. Students who are not invited to continue at The Academy may transfer their First Year credits to other programs within St. John's College of Professional Studies, or to any college or university, depending upon their choice of college, entry requirements and the desired degree.

For The Academy admissions standards, please refer to Admissions/Requirements on our website. Students who declare their intent to enter this program at The Academy by noting their interest in the space provided on page 2 of our Application Form will receive a special orientation after they arrive on campus to begin their First Year.

Students may enter the program at The Academy or St. John's Students who enter the program at the Academy will complete Years One and Two at The Academy in New York or Los Angeles, earn a degree (A.O.S. in New York and A.A. in Los Angeles) and receive 65-70 credits of intense training in acting, acting styles, theatre history, movement and voice production. There is a slight variation in the courses offered on the New York and Los Angeles campuses.

In Years Three and Four students will transfer to St. John's to fulfill 69 credits in performing arts, film, television and liberal arts in the College of Professional Studies. Only those The Academy students who have a GPA of 2.0 or better and meet all of St. John's entrance requirements may transfer.

While at St. John's, students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 in major area courses and successfully complete the stated degree requirements to be awarded the Bachelor's of Science in Dramatic Arts, Film and Television.

Tuition and Start Dates: Students who enter the program at The Academy may enter as First Year students in the Fall or Winter Term. Please refer to Admissions/Deadlines and Admissions/Tuition and Costs for audition and deposit deadlines and Tuition and Fees.

For additional information, please contact The Academy Admissions at 800-463-8990 or apply on-line.

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