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Tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year is listed below. Fees and additional education related expense estimates are listed as well.

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Payment Schedule
Upon acceptance, a student is mailed an enrollment agreement by The Academy. The signed agreement and a non-refundable, nontransferable tuition deposit of $750 are due immediately to secure class placement. The final tuition deposit is due August 1 (Fall) and December 1 (Winter). If the deposit is not paid at the designated time, the applicant will be assumed to have withdrawn the application.

Credit of State and Federal Awards: All funds are credited to the student's account in two installments; the first installment at the beginning of the academic year, the second at the mid-point of the academic year. Second disbursements of financial aid will not be made to students failing to attain a minimum 2.0 grade point average. Failure to raise a GPA within five weeks will result in the return of funds to federal and state agencies and banks. The student is solely responsible for any outstanding balances due to agencies, banks and The Academy.

Refund Policy
To withdraw officially, enrolled students must meet with the Director of Instruction and present to the Office of the Registrar written notification of withdrawal. The effective date of withdrawal will be the date of receipt by The Academy of the application for withdrawal, not the last date of attendance.

If you receive federal funds while attending The Academy, be advised that if you terminate your enrollment prior to completing the course of study of your choice, federal regulations may require that all or a portion of the funds received be returned to the original aid programs as unearned aid. In addition, institutional scholarships awarded will be withdrawn and unpaid institutional charges will be the sole responsibility of the student.

For more information, request a copy of the form titled "Treatment of Title IV Funds When a Student Withdraws" from the Financial Aid Office. For complete information about The Academy’s refund policy, contact the Business Office.

Attendance/Outside Professional Work Policies
The nature of the work in classes requires full attendance and participation. Attendance at all Academy classes is mandatory and excessive absences will lead to dismissal. Auditioning and outside professional work are not permitted during the academic year while attending The Academy.

Payment Plans
The Academy has established two methods of payment for tuition, the Pre-Payment Plan and Extended Payment Plan.

Pre-Payment Plan
This plan, with a variety of options, offers the opportunity to have tuition paid prior to registration. Inquire with the Financial Aid Office for details.

Extended Payment Plan
For those students able to establish need and financial responsibility (by means of an Academy Family Income Form), an extended payment schedule may be arranged with the Financial Aid Director.

Health Insurance
The Academy offers its students the opportunity to enroll in a medical insurance plan provided by Arthur J. Gallagher & Company. Alternatively, students have the option to provide proof of their own medical insurance coverage which must meet the required standards as determined by the state and federal government.

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