▶ Introduction - Full Time Conservatory Program

First Year

Education at an acting conservatory is specialized. Serious, responsible and highly motivated applicants are sought for admission. All entering students must have received a high school diploma or have completed a GED program. A grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 is expected.

Admission to the Academy is selective. Each candidate is evaluated individually based on dramatic ability or potential, academic qualifications and readiness in terms of maturity and motivation to benefit from the program.

Candidates may pursue admission into the First Year class in the Fall or Winter Term. The courses in Fall and Winter are identical in curriculum and format. Students from both groups, if invited to return, join the same Second Year class the following fall.

Second Year

Work in the Second Year reinforces and builds upon the learning experiences of the First Year. Advanced acting, voice and movement training are combined with rehearsal and performance of both projects and full-length plays. Admission to the Second Year is by invitation. Selection is made on the basis of progress, potential and readiness to benefit from advanced training, as evidenced by classwork and examination plays from the First Year.

Summer programs

Specialized summer programs offer you the ideal opportunity to experience The Academy’s legendary conservatory training during our Five-Week Program, or you can choose to focus on one aspect of your craft by enrolling in one of several Two-Week Intensives, including camera techniques, audition techniques and musical theatre. In addition, The Academy offers added value for those wishing to receive a more comprehensive training experience by combining two or more summer programs. These Four-Week and Seven-Week Programs include The Academy’s Summer Industry Insight Series and full-time Conservatory scholarship opportunities.

All programs are designed to welcome experienced actors, educators and beginning actors alike. Whether you choose to study in New York or Los Angeles, you will find instructors who share your passion and who are committed to helping you prepare for a meaningful career.

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