Foundation and
Corporate Support

Foundation and Corporate Support

Founded in 1884, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is the first conservatory for actors in the English-speaking world. Since then, its purpose has remained constant: To provide students with the tools needed to make acting their profession.

With the help of its partner foundations and corporate sponsors, The Academy is able to maintain its unique training program, based on its long-standing traditions of excellence and innovative teaching methods, while attracting talented students from varied backgrounds across the world.

From scholarship funding to general operating support, there are numerous opportunities for foundations and corporations to support The Academy.

Foundation Giving

Generous grants from foundations and trusts are an invaluable source of support for The Academy’s students – many of whom have traveled across the world to study at our institution. This support, in the form of scholarships, grants and general operating support, enables The Academy to collaborate directly with our institutional sponsors to continue to provide outstanding educational opportunities for exceptional artists.

If your foundation has an interest in providing a grant to The Academy, please contact our Development Department for information about the conservatory and its various artistic programs, to arrange for an in-person visit to one of our campuses, or to request a formal proposal.

Corporate Sponsorship

The Academy is the first and foremost conservatory for actors in the world. Having been regarded as the “Cradle to the Stars,” The Academy has an illustrious list of alumni which includes such luminaries as Cecil B. DeMille, Kirk Douglas, Robert Redford and Grace Kelly, as well as new and emerging legends like Danny DeVito, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Paul Rudd. Our students reflect a distinguished level of excellence and include a prominent list of influential names from all disciplines within the entertainment industry.

Our training programs provide innovation, insight and new methods of instruction to acting students around the globe and our faculty and leadership are committed to the same standards of excellence and vision established 139 years ago by our institution’s founders.

As a corporate sponsor of The Academy, your business will have the opportunity to support the ever-evolving education of actors for generations to come.

Each new school year presents various opportunities for corporations to support The Academy. From underwriting scholarships and sponsoring performances, to funding special projects and organizing community outreach events, The Academy works directly with each sponsor to customize creative marketing initiatives and innovative sponsorship programs tailor-made for both large and small companies.

For more information about corporate sponsorship at The Academy, please contact our Development Department.