The Academy's Mission Statement

137 Years of Excellence

Founded in 1884, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is the first conservatory for actors in the English-speaking world. Since then, its purpose has remained constant: To provide students with the tools needed to make acting their profession.

We select our students from varied backgrounds and from all around the globe. Diversity, which gives our students exposure to many cultures, enriches the depth of the actor's work. Selectivity, which continues throughout our program, yields a pool of students who nourish each other's growth.

Our training program is unique, based upon the long tradition of The Academy and embracing modern methods that promote discipline and self-discovery, along with the development of technique. Our faculty consists of working professionals and master teachers. They lead students to deeply felt, psychologically true and physically realized performances. To support this process, students receive constant feedback from faculty who consult collaboratively on their progress.

The goal of The Academy is to prepare students for acting careers in theatre, television and film. Our purpose is to provide a practical, post-secondary education that emphasizes the skills needed by an actor in today's competitive environment.