Executive Leadership


David Sullivan Senior Director of Instruction New York Campus
Constantine Scopas Director of Instruction New York Campus
Robert Dempsey Director of Academic Services New York Campus
Jennifer Smolos Director of Summer Programs New York Campus
Kerin Reilly Director of Admissions New York Campus
Lauren Checo Assistant to Director of Admissions New York Campus
Jon-Michael Hernandez Admissions Summer Program Manager and Events Coordinator New York Campus
Sarka Nastalkova International Student Advisor New York Campus
Assistant to the President
Brandie Moore Assistant to the President New York Campus
Business Office
Linda Viala Controller New York Campus
Peggy Sylla Accounts Payable New York Campus
Shenera Peerbacchus Payroll & Accounts Receivable Manager New York Campus
External Relations
Elizabeth Lawson Director of External Relations / Accreditation Liaison Officer New York Campus
Peter Tufel Director of Operations New York Campus
Oliver Sullivan Maintenance Supervisor New York Campus
Zaim Grdoc Maintenance Associate New York Campus
Marlene McIntosh Campus Safety New York Campus
Luis Santiago Campus Safety New York Campus
Production / Technical
CJ Howard Production Manager New York Campus
Dan Buckland Production Associate New York Campus
Yudelka Heyer Props Manager New York Campus
Steven Daniel Costume Supervisor New York Campus
Betty Adams Costume Assistant New York Campus
Student Services
Nicholas Severson Director of Student Housing New York Campus
Dennis Concepcion Residence Manager New York Campus
Imoniri Omage Manager of Financial Aid New York Campus
Deborah Picone Librarian New York Campus
Vanessa Guarino Receptionist New York Campus
Matt Neves Director of Instruction Los Angeles Campus
Judith Bohannon First—Year Coordinator Los Angeles Campus
Diane Cambio Assistant to Director of Instruction Los Angeles Campus
Betty Karlen Company Director Los Angeles Campus
Tim Landfield Director of ACYA Los Angeles Campus
Jorge Ojeda Registrar Los Angeles Campus
Steven Hong National Director of Admissions Los Angeles Campus
Jacqueline Canales Assistant Director of Admissions Los Angeles Campus
Negin Shahrvini Admissions Advisor Los Angeles Campus
Alex Negron Admissions Data Manager Los Angeles Campus
Min Kang Admissions Advisor Los Angeles Campus
Brian Roach Summer Admissions Coordinator Los Angeles Campus
Alumni Services
Stephen Herring Director of Alumni Relations Los Angeles Campus
Betsy Ferguson Alumni Affairs Coordinator Los Angeles Campus
Business Office
John Rezkallah Director of Business Affairs Los Angeles Campus
Nicole McElroy Recruitment Manager Los Angeles Campus
Claudia Rubio Student Accounts Manager Los Angeles Campus
Nadiya Safonova Financial Aid Manager Los Angeles Campus
Estelle Chau Business Office Assistant Los Angeles Campus
Clayton Jones Associate Director of Marketing Los Angeles Campus
Katherine Barcsay Academy Company Manager Los Angeles Campus
Kirsten Makowiec Marketing Manager Los Angeles Campus
Josh Opper Marketing Coordinator Los Angeles Campus
Gary Rice Campus Facilities Manager Los Angeles Campus
Richard Chavez Residential and Facilities Manager Los Angeles Campus
Shane Riley Head of Campus Security Los Angeles Campus
Carlos Rodriguez Custodian Los Angeles Campus
Production / Technical
Diana Brown Production Manager / Technical Director Los Angeles Campus
Alex Ojeda Production Assistant Los Angeles Campus
Tammie Merheb Director of Costumes Los Angeles Campus
Mercy Rodriguez Props Supervisor Los Angeles Campus
Gary Wissman Set Designer Los Angeles Campus
Student Services
James Wojtkiewicz Director of Student Services Los Angeles Campus
Karina Demirchyan Residence Director Los Angeles Campus
Kara Christensen Librarian Los Angeles Campus
Tonya Fox Daytime Receptionist Los Angeles Campus
Deannea Jefferson Evening Receptionist Los Angeles Campus