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Community Message from The Academy

Dear Academy Community: 

The brutal death of George Floyd has broken our hearts. It has unleashed profound grief and rage across the United States and around the world. As we watch the protests, we feel impassioned with solidarity. I certainly do. The Academy community stands with the Floyd family, all families who have been devastated by racial injustice, and the peaceful protesters who must be heard. We also stand with every member of our Academy community. In particular, we extend our wholehearted love and support to our black and racially and ethnically diverse students, alumni, faculty, and staff. You will experience this tragedy in ways others of us won’t know or understand. We honor each of you and the important contributions you have made to this community – both artistically and as individuals. 

Leading voices in the protests are advocating that racial justice is a shared responsibility. As we listen, absorb and process this vital message, hopefully in new ways, we are reminded that all of us - both in the collective and as individuals – can and must do better. Our shared rage and grief can be transformed into meaningful action. The Academy remains resolute in its commitment to the ideals of inclusion, justice, and dignity for all people. As such, we are reviewing our policies and seeking ways in which we can further advance and support these ideals. 

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts has stood strong for over 136 years against the backdrop of some of the most turbulent times in the nation’s history. Its enduring legacy is built on ideals that call on the best of humanity. When a new day dawns, actors will again be called upon to perform their most vital of roles: telling truthful, human stories that will challenge, uplift, draw us closer, and help our society move forward together

There is likely a long road ahead of us before the curtains open and the lights come back on, but we stand together now - guided by courage and strength and a vision for better future. 

Susan Zech