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Solid training and practical preparation for the real-world business of acting

The Academy's renowned Professional Training Program now offers an enhanced curriculum and increased training hours at our acting schools in New York and in Los Angeles.

The Professional Training Program includes classes in the following areas subject to change and minor variations, depending upon the campus. In addition, seminars on the business side of the acting profession provide important information for the career-minded actor ready to enter the profession. Click here to learn more.

  • Acting
  • Acting Styles
  • Voice & Speech
  • Vocal Production
  • Movement
  • Theatre History
  • Stage Combat/Fencing
  • Speech Practicum
  • Career Preparation
  • Camera Technique
  • Improvisation/Physical Acting
  • Alexander Technique
  • Makeup
  • Mask
  • Period Movement & Dance
  • Shakespeare
  • Stage Dialects

    Performance Opportunities
    Performance opportunities range from First Year examination plays to Second Year projects and productions. Students are evaluated on their developing abilities through increasingly diverse and challenging roles.

    Admission to Second Year
    Admission to the second year of the program is by invitation. At the end of the First Year, members of the faculty and administration meet to consider the record and abilities of each First Year student and invitations are extended to those who are considered ready to master and to benefit from the advanced Second Year work.
    Professional Internships
    The Academy offers a limited number of unpaid internships and volunteer positions for qualified Second Year students and Academy Company members in entertainment-related fields. They provide excellent opportunities to actively participate in the profession and to make valuable contacts. The positions, which may last for a semester and may or may not provide academic credit, require a recommendation from the Director of Instruction, a resume with a cover letter and an interview. For-credit positions also require regular reports and meetings with an advisor. Click here to learn more.

    The Academy Company Program
    The Academy Company, whose members are chosen by a meticulous selection process, offers graduates of the Professional Training Program a unique opportunity for further growth and experience in a third year at the Academy. Exposure to the industry is given through a season of productions in theatres to which agents, casting directors and other members of the profession are invited to attend. Individualized Career Counseling offers professional guidance to Company members. Click here to learn more.

    The Summer Program
    Experience the thrill of New York's Broadway or the magic of Hollywood by attending one of our affordable and rewarding Summer Programs, designed for advanced students and for beginners testing their talents in an environment of professional training. For high school and college students, it's an opportunity to assess educational goals and choice of profession. For educators, it's a refresher course, providing new insights into dramatic instruction. For others, it's a chance to explore an unfulfilled ambition, and for all, it adds an unparalleled, professional dimension to their experience of the dramatic arts. Click here to learn more.

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