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The Academy is proud of the rich diversity of its student body:
  • International students comprise 30% of enrollment at The Academy

  • Over 40 countries have been represented in The Academy's student body

Applying to The Academy as an International Student

General admission requirements are the same for all applicants regardless of citizenship, but immigration regulations, financial matters and a variety of educational credentials require added procedures for international students. Our Admissions and Financial Aid offices will assist with all issues regarding these policies and procedures.
  • Student Visa
After the audition, applicants who are admitted to The Academy will be sent visa information along with their acceptance letter from the Admissions Office. Important visa guidelines are enclosed and forms which you must complete and return to the Admissions Office.

Form I-20 will be issued only after the applicant has been accepted for enrollment and has met all standards set forth by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and The Department of Homeland Security.

We encourage early application/audition for all international students and recommend sufficient time allotment for visa processing (6-8 weeks prior to enrollment).
  • English Language
In addition to those requirements listed for all applicants under the website section >> Requirements international students whose native language is other than English must demonstrate sufficient competence with spoken and written English. This is a necessary step to prevent problems with faculty and student verbal communications that might impede a student's learning and development. This proficiency is determined through the application and audition process.
  • Academic Records/Official Transcripts
International Students without a transcript, please call Admissions for special instructions. Applicants must provide a certified English translation of all transcripts that are in a foreign language. If using a translator in your home country, the translator MUST be government approved. Some companies that provide this service are World Education Services (WES) at; A2Z Evaluations, LLC at; Foreign Credential and Degree (Diploma) Evaluation Services at (These companies are not affiliated nor endorsed by The Academy.)

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Financial Aid for International Students

The Academy is committed to preparing talented students for acting careers and helping them achieve their highest potential. For that reason, we try to make it possible for all admitted students to attend the school. Over ninety percent of Academy students receive some type of financial assistance.

All international applicants are eligible to apply for Academy scholarships and work study. The Academy offers a variety of scholarship and assistance opportunities and a choice of payment plans. We also participate with foreign government aid programs if available. All prospective students are encouraged to apply for Academy financial aid at the time of their audition. Financial aid packages consist of a combination of Academy scholarships and campus employment. All prospective students must submit the required documents by the appropriate deadlines for consideration of financial assistance. These documents will be sent to you by the Financial Aid Office.

Academy Scholarships

Academy Scholarships refer to money that does not need to be repaid. All students who have applied and been accepted to The Academy are considered for the following scholarships:

• Merit Scholarships up to $8,000, determined by an Applicant's audition, may be awarded. Our Scholarship Procedures/Schedule provides information about deadlines for Merit Scholarship consideration. >> Scholarship Procedures/Schedule

• Need-based Awards up to $6,000 may be awarded in addition to Academy Grants and they are assessed through the financial aid process.

All students must re-apply for scholarships every year. Second Year and Academy Company students apply for scholarships by submitting the application (provided by the school) to The Academy's Scholarship Committee.

For a list of Endowed and Annual Scholarships click here

While it is our priority to provide financial assistance to as many students as possible funding is based upon availability; therefore, every student and his or her family should pay for their education to extent of their ability. >> Tuition and Costs

Academy Work Study

There are a limited number of campus jobs funded by The Academy which are open to international students. Following registration, international students may apply to a variety of Academy departments, such as Admissions, the Library, Production, Costumes and the President's Office, among others.


  • Alternative Loans
Alternative Loans (private loans) usually carry a higher interest rate than federal loans. Students are advised to consider them only after traditional sources of financial aid have been secured. International students who have a US credit-worthy co-signer will obtain better alternative loan rates and all international students must have a US co-signer.

International students can visit the following links to Sallie Mae and Citizens Bank which offer Alternative Loans to international students. If you meet the requirements and are approved, you can re-apply for these loans each year you are a student of The Academy.

Other Resources

The following are some additional loan resources known to The Academy, but applicants are encouraged to seek others on the internet and through their respective governments:

Ontario Student Assistance Program

United Kingdom
Career Development Loans


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Housing for International Student

Housing Introduction - New York
Housing Information - Los Angeles

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