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Study in The Center of Film and Television

The Academy's Hollywood campus is centrally located in the Los Angeles area. The campus is built on what was once the south lot of Charlie Chaplin's studios and is near all the major television and fi lm studios. It is a modern facility, with acting studios, and a costume and prop shop, plus two camera technique studios. Two movement studios, a vocal production studio and rehearsal space, and a scene shop are housed in the adjacent Movement and Vocal Production Building. The campus also includes a 150-seat proscenium theatre for full productions.

The library is specially geared for the needs of the performer. Located in one of the historic Chaplin Studio bungalows, it holds a computer lab, a screening room, a comprehensive collection of books, scripts, musical scores, DVDs, CDs, video and audio-tapes, plus a wide variety of reference materials on every aspect of theatre.

And then there's Los Angeles... still the undisputed entertainment capital of the world. Hollywood remains the heart and soul of this "industry town." But L.A. is changing. In addition to major professional theatres, it is now home to more small theatres, independent theatre companies and alternative venues, as well as art galleries, collectives and museums, than ever before. The city is transforming itself into one of the most exciting and vital creative communities in the country.

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