Encore Core Courses  

Our Seven-Week and Five-Week Encore Programs are built on the following five advanced courses. These professional-level courses are specially designed for you to work alongside The Academy’s master instructors and a small select group of experienced actors all focused on bringing refinement and power to your craft and your career.

New York Encore Core Courses

Advanced Scene Study (Encore Exclusive)

Training: Connecting to Your Partner and the Text. Working to personalize the words on the page with spontaneous and truthful use of self in imaginary circumstances, develop trust in moment-to-moment reactions with your partner within complex dramatic material.

Coursework: Advanced exercises for relaxation, concentration and sensitivity to fellow actors, as well as internal and external stimuli to achieve focus and involvement, leading to dramatic analysis, improvisation and scene study.

The Voice in Performance (Encore Exclusive)

Training: Explore and expand the actor’s working knowledge of how the voice optimally functions under the rigorous demands of professional performance.

Coursework: Advanced exercises for voice production are combined with practical application using text/monologues. This work may include dialects.

Song Interpretation (Encore Exclusive)

Training: Explore truthful storytelling through song.

Coursework: Actors learn how to personalize a lyric, bringing a story to life through song. The goal is to synthesize healthy and efficient vocal technique and truthful use of self in imaginary circumstances in musical work.

Physical Acting (Encore Exclusive)

Training: Advanced development and release of the actor’s physical instrument.

Coursework: Master techniques are used to unlock imaginative impulses, enhance mind and body coordination and control, allowing the more advanced actor to utilize the most efficient use of the body in truthful moment-to-moment work.

Collaborative Rehearsal Project (Encore Exclusive)

Training: Creating new work with the ENCORE ensemble of actors.

Coursework: Actors work on a collaborative dramatic project with a professional director in the field. This additional performance opportunity allows Encore actors to experience working in an ensemble of their peers. The culminating project is uniquely designed each year, and on each campus, to highlight and showcase the distinctive abilities of the actors participating in the program.

June 22 - July 24, 2020
Advanced Scene Study (Encore)
The Voice in Performance (Encore)
Song Interpretation (Encore)
Physical Acting (Encore)
Collaborative Rehearsal Project (Encore)

Available for:
Seven-Week and Five-Week Encore Programs

Program Hours:
Monday - Friday
Classes may be held between the hours of 9:00AM - 9:00PM in New York. Please consult each specific program of study for exact program hours.

The Academy’s Director of Summer Programs works to create the ideal class balance. Programs are assigned to accommodate students’ background similarities, acting maturity and objectives.