2019 ACYA Students Focus On Theme of Connection

The Academy's Conservatory for Young Actors (ACYA) is a four-week summer intensive for students ages 12-16. Led by longtime faculty member Tim Landfield, ACYA's mission is to provide a solid foundation for young actors who desire to strengthen their skills and develop new techniques to excel at the craft of acting. 

This year, an enthusiastic group of young actors focused on the theme of "connection." Over the course of the program, they had immersive training in stage combat, improv, musical theater, and even created their own short films. At the culmination of the program, The Academy's Rising Stars are able to showcase all of these skills onstage during a presentation for faculty, family and friends.
Faculty member Tim Landfield (right) with two ACYA students during rehearsal
ACYA students rehearse a scene for the final showcase
ACYA students perform a dance number during their showcase
The ACYA students finish a dance rehearsal