"To The Class of 2019..." - Alumni Offer Advice To New Graduates

The Academy is thrilled to welcome another group of graduates into The Actors Society. Together, they share a common story in their individual pursuit for truth and deeper knowledge of self and the craft.

As the Class of 2019 embarks on the next part of their story, alumni who came before them wish them well and look back on what they would tell themselves as new graduates.
Mara Marini (Actor, Writer, Producer)
"Don't panic and don't compare yourself to anyone else. Everything will happen when it is supposed to. You may feel like everyone around you is doing great and you can't catch a break, but your path is unique and entirely different from anyone else's."
Marin Hope (Casting Director)
"Who you are as a person should be synonymous with who you are as an actor."
Adam Meir (Actor, Producer) 
"It doesn’t matter what happens - if you think you should do this, then you should do this and not give up."
Chris Bauer (Actor)
"The best thing about acting is that you don’t have a boss. Your character is your boss. The audience and director are just listeners."
 (L-R) Mara Marini, Marin Hope, Adam Meir, Chris Bauer

Chelsey Crisp (Actor, Producer)
"What I’d tell my younger self is to focus on the long haul of career building more than individual jobs. Every audition feels precious in the beginning and it’s easy to get anxious about booking the job. When you realize that you’ll have thousands of auditions over your career, it frees you up to play and give performances that are more authentically you."
Doc Farrow (Actor, Producer, Writer)
"If I had my younger self to talk to I would tell him YOU ARE ENOUGH. It is not your responsibility to make your parents, your 'friends' your teachers, or your strangers feel comfortable around you. It is your job to unlock and live in your highest truth from one moment to the next."
Catherine Dyer (Actor, Producer)
"Don’t ever compare yourself or your career to others. Find people who are creative and positive and lift you up!"
Lori Kaye (Director, Producer)
“The people you meet and the relationships you foster early on will be helpful throughout your career, no matter what direction you go in.”
(L-R) Chelsey Crisp, Doc Farrow, Catherine Dyer, Lori Kaye