The Academy Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

For Hispanic Heritage Month 2023, The Actors Society has recognized the achievements of several Hispanic alumni. As you’ve followed along on our social media and news channels over the past month, you’ve noticed three highlighted alumni. Alongside them, we give a nod to Jessica Pimentel and Arturo Castro, who continue to work across the entertainment and music industries.
Damian Alonso
Damian Alonso (‘20) saw a meteoric rise in several months after graduation. Starring in Big Shot, the John Stamos Disney+ series, his face made its way onto television screens across the country. This is Alonso’s preferred medium, with credits in The Really Loud House, Dirt City, and Hot Summer Daze, reflecting this choice.
The Academy Pages was in dialogue with Alonso in early September; read the interview here.
Puy Navarro
Born in Spain, Puy Navarro (‘01) has forged a career that extends beyond acting to encompass writing and filmmaking. With plays premiering around the globe and in multiple languages, Navarro perfectly encompasses the idea of “The Academy Abroad.”
Catch a Pages interview here.
Diana Dorempz
Diana Dorempz (‘17) is a truly multi-hyphenated artist. The 2017 grad uses her knowledge in countless fields to continue moving her career forward. The Pages spoke with Diana about her career and recent goings-on. The exclusive interview is linked here.
Jessica Pimentel
The multi-talented actress Jessica Pimentel (‘99) shot into the spotlight with her performance in Orange is the New Black, the Netflix drama that captivated audiences for seven seasons. The Brooklyn-born actress can be seen appearing in Law & Order across a decade from 2005-2015 and Person of Interest, the Jim Caviezel-led drama series from the 2010s. In addition to her acting work, Pimentel sings in a heavy metal band, which she speaks of as an expression of love. Recently, Pimentel starred in the Off-Broadway production and world premiere of Jasper, a drama following a troubled couple attempting to keep their marriage intact, and a 3-episode stint in The Horror of Dolores Roach.
Arturo Castro
Arturo Castro (‘07) has made a name for himself in contemporary television, particularly with the success of his show, Alternatino, which highlights his abilities with “broad comedy.” Although, Castro didn’t always look to television for success. The words of Shakespeare captured his heart at a young age, and he found solace in Hamlet’s famous soliloquy. “It was comforting to know that people had been suffering for years,” said Castro, remarking that after his own father’s passing, the speech gave him much-needed consolation.
Read a profile on Castro’s remarkable career on The Academy Pages.