The Friends of The Academy Event Celebrates Alumni and Industry Partners

The Academy is committed to not only training exceptional actors but also to being an active participant in the broader entertainment landscape. There are many partners whose support and active engagement is vital to serving the student and alumni community. 
In collaboration with Film Independent, an event celebrating the Friends of The Academy provided an opportunity to thank these alumni, brand partners and industry professionals who have contributed their time, expertise and insight over the last year. 
Stephen Herring, Director of Alumni Relations in Los Angeles (left) with Evan Ward-Henninger, Director of Membership for Film Independent

(L-R) Oscar Arslanian, publisher of Discover Hollywood Magazine with Retta Putignano of Create My Reel and Nyla Arslanian, editor of Discover Hollywood Magazine

Alumni Penny O'Brien (left) and Adam Meir 
Matt Neves, Director of Instruction in Los Angeles (left) with alumnus Danny DeLillo of New Filmmakers and Stephen Herring
 (L-R) Danny De Lillo with Mandy Somers and Ben Morales of Velocity Entertainment