Core Courses  

Three courses serve as the foundation of our Seven-Week and Five-Week Programs. These foundational courses are customized to train a range of actors from beginning to advanced, offering you the ideal opportunity to sharpen your craft this summer while working alongside The Academy’s master instructors.

Acting & Scene Study

Training: Excite and release the storyteller inside of you! Discover and expand the relaxed, free and truthful use of self in imaginary circumstances; develop trust in spontaneous, moment-to-moment reactions and learn how to apply these techniques to dramatic texts.

Coursework: Exercises for relaxation, concentration and sensitivity to fellow actors, as well as internal and external stimuli to achieve focus and involvement, leading to dramatic analysis, improvisation and scene study.

Voice for the Actor

Training: Add strength and emotional range to the natural voice; develop the voice as an instrument of communication on and off stage.

Coursework: Principles of voice production are applied through structured exercises for optimal vocal health, audibility, breath efficiency, articulation, intonation, resonance and phrasing.

Movement for the Actor

Training: Develop the body as an instrument for the actor in order to engage in dynamic physical expressivity.

Coursework: Movement techniques and exercises are taught to increase flexibility and to develop the actors’ imagination, muscular coordination and control.

June 24 - July 26, 2019
Acting & Scene Study
Voice for the Actor
Movement for Actor

Available for:
Seven-Week Program
Five-Week Program

Program Hours:
Monday - Friday
Classes may be held between the hours of 9:00AM - 9:00PM in New York and 8:30AM - 9:30PM in Los Angeles.

The Academy’s Director of Summer Programs works to create the ideal class balance. Programs are assigned to accommodate students’ background similarities, acting maturity and objectives.